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Syncfish CMDB Design Services

Having a configuration management database (CMDB) is a huge asset. It’s also an investment and many organisations take multiple attempts to build a successful CMDB. It can be a daunting task to undertake and knowing where to start is often the first hurdle.

Accurate discovery and automated population of the CMDB is critical to success.  CI Synchronizer can deliver CMDB automation, so what else is required to ensure overall success?

CMDB Design is an important consideration, and elements are often overlooked. CMDB design ensures you have the necessary framework, structure, and processes in place for managing the information about configuration items in your environment.

Syncfish are experts in all things CMDB. We have a robust approach to CMDB design and implementation, recognising the challenges organisations face and the critical elements require for success. 

Kick start your CMDB efforts
We work closely with you to precisely outline the scope of your CMDB, a crucial foundational step. This definition establishes clear boundaries, ensuring the CMDB contains the relevant and necessary information tailored to your organisational needs.
Staying on track with a CMDB plan
Developing a CMDB plan is crucial to the process. The plan outlines details of the CI classes, models, relationships, levels of detail (class properties), ownership, and responsibilities required. It ensures efforts are concentrated on the components that hold the highest value for your organisation.
Aligning your ITSM and CMDB solutions
Aligning your ITSM toolset and CMDB solution is essential for maximising business value. Configuring your CMDB in tandem with related ITSM processes enhances operational efficiency, ensuring you can leverage the advantages of improved CMDB information.
Raising awareness with stakeholders
Increasing awareness of your stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) regarding the CMDB’s purpose, functionality, and significance within the organisation. This not only enhances data quality but also fosters active participation, leading to more effective utilisation of the CMDB.
Leverage Extensive Experience
Our CMDB Design services meticulously address critical aspects of CMDB design. By steering organisations through best practices, mitigating common pitfalls, and strategically guiding the CMDB development process, we can delivery a successful and invaluable CMDB.
Universally Applicable
Syncfish has delivered CMDB Design services for platforms like ServiceNow and However, our underlying principles and approach are universally applicable to any CMDB solution.
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